Travel Goals for 2017

After a long break from blogging…I’m back! Last year was a bit of a sporadic year for me in terms of committing to a blogging schedule but this year I have new goals and motives. I spent a big portion of 2016 travelling through Europe, finishing off my business degree, and as of a month ago, starting a new job. My 2016 had a lot of new adventures, new beginnings and bitter sweet endings (the ending being that I finished uni because I’m a big ol’ nerd and actually enjoyed studying).

At the beginning of last year I made a number of travel goals and I’m proud to say that I was able to achieve nearly all of them. My first goal, spend five weeks in Europe, was a pretty easy one to check off the list as the flights were already booked before the year had even started. But it was a goal nonetheless and an amazing five weeks they were. My second goal to see more of Sydney was somewhat achieved. I definitely ventured into parts of the city I had never been to before and tried to have as many new experiences as I could. These new experiences would often involve eating out somewhere new and often times these culinary adventures were in areas of Sydney I had not been before. Eating your way around a city is definitely one way to get out and see more of it! If I’m being truly honest with myself I didn’t do as much exploring in my home city as I originally had in mind so it is a goal I’d like to continue to work towards throughout 2017.

Port of Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Another goal of mine was to go camping and I was hoping to get away towards the end of 2016 but unfortunately I was unable to do so. Having spent many weeks in Europe plus an interstate trip to Queensland I would really have been pushing my luck by trying to ask for more time off work, particularly because my job at that time was a position where I had a high degree of responsibility and needed to be available.  My interstate trip to Queensland meant ticking off another 2016 travel goal of mine as I travelled to Cairns where I was finally able to visit the Great Barrier Reef. My time in Cairns was brief but a nice way to break up the second half of the year.

Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef

My other travel related goals included improving my photography skills and learning some basic french. I’ve definitely improved in both of these areas and will continue improving myself in 2017. I have a very basic understanding of photography but I’m getting out there and experimenting which is how I’m enjoying learning and improving with this goal. While I am far from fluent in French, my Duolingo app now has me at 30% fluent, which is an improvement from the beginning of last year. My proudest moment with my French speaking abilities was when I tested my knowledge in Paris to order croissants from a little bakery in Montparnasse. It was a simple transaction but one completed entirely in French which is a big achievement for me.

Eiffel Tower in Spring

For me I feel that setting travel goals is so important because it means there is something to work towards and look forward to, and by setting goals for the year ahead you must determine what is realistic for you to achieve. I’m happy with what I had achieved with my goals for 2016 and will set out to achieve all of my goals for 2017. My goals for this year will be similar to those of last year but a big consideration for me is my new job. I now need to work up enough hours to acquire the time off work for my longer goals and learn to make the most of my days off for my smaller goals.

Amsterdam Canals

Travel Goals for 2017

1. A trip to New Zealand: New Zealand is one of my favourite place my partner and I like to travel to. We are head over heels in love with that beautiful country and are planning to spend some time to visit our favourite places and explore somewhere new. When you have a destination that you love so close to you, it’s hard to keep yourself away.

2. Visit a new state in Australia: I would really love to visit Tasmania for the first time. Lonely Planet has previously noted Tasmania as one of their Best in Travel destinations and I think it’s about time I check it out. Home to stunning landscapes, good food and fine wine, it’s high on my list of places to explore on my home soil.

3. Go camping: I was unable to achieve this in 2016 so it is back on the list for 2017. I have plans to go camping for a weekend in a coastal town north or south of Sydney, I haven’t decided yet. This should be achievable and am looking forward to all the joys that camping brings; road trips, camp fires, sleepy coastal towns, camp cooking, and waking up with the sun.

4. Keep learning French: Another goal that was present on my 2016 list but something that I want to continue to work on. I start the year at 30% fluent lets see if I can finish the year at 50% fluent on Duolingo.

5. Get creative with photography: I’m continuing to learn the basics of photography and I’d like to work on getting more creative with what I photograph and the stories these pictures can tell of my adventures.

6. Make a spontaneous trip: One thing I love more than actually travelling, is planning my travels. However, there is something thrilling about leaving yourself open for spontaneity.  While this goal may seem a bit vague and open ended, that’s the beauty of spontaneity, a brilliant plan can spring forth at any time. This is probably one of my more adventurous goals of 2017 it is one I am determined to stick to.

Do you set travel goals for yourself each year? I’d love to hear what they are in the comments below!


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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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