The Best Danish in Copenhagen and More

Copenhagen is a city that is sure to delight. Denmark’s capital is home to world-class art and history museums, award-winning architectural masterpieces, lots and lots of bicycles, and is one of the greenest cities in Europe with the aim of being completely carbon neutral by 2025. Copenhagen is also home to some very delicious pastries and one cannot leave the city without indulging in one (or several).

Now before I continue there’s something I need to confess. The title of this post claims that I have found the best danish in Copenhagen and I stand by that, I think that I have. But normally to claim you have found the best of something means you have tried a lot of that something in order to find the best. But my search for the best danish in Copenhagen stopped after the one bakery. Of course there is nothing I would have enjoyed more than to eat my way through the bakeries of Copenhagen, trying baked good after baked good. But the unfortunate truth is that I simply wasn’t physically able to. I had injured both my ankles in Amsterdam a few days earlier from tripping on a tram line when crossing the road. I stupidly decided not to rest and, choosing to keep exploring, kept walking on my sore ankles which unsurprisingly only made them worse. This meant that by the time I reached Copenhagen it was painful to walk. The unavoidable solution was that I needed to stay off my feet. This meant limiting the distance I could explore to whatever was near my hotel. Luckily I was quite centrally located, and more importantly, located just a short distance from the best danish in Copenhagen.

Cinnamon scroll inside.

In defense of my wild claims to have found the perfect pastry after visiting only one bakery I feel confident that nothing else could compare with Sankt Peders Bakery. Located in the Latin Quarter Sankt Peders Bakery is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen and most famous for their cinnamon scrolls. It is hard to resist walking past the window without entering for a pastry of some kind. I stopped by one morning to try a cinnamon scroll and it was so delicious that after finishing my first one I ordered another to go. In fact it was so good that I went back the next day for another two. Well…when I say I went back I mean I sent my boyfriend down to buy us scrolls because I was stuck in the hotel willing my ankles to heal faster. I was disappointed that I could not see as much of this incredible city as I had hoped but those cinnamon scrolls made me feel like I at least enjoyed a very basic Copenhagen experience.

Impossible to just walk past that window.

Fortunately I wasn’t confined to my hotel for my entire stay. After a lot of feet elevation and ibuprofen, I was soon able to walk with minimal pain. On one of my better days I set out to visit Nyhvan. Nyhvan was one place I just couldn’t leave Copenhagen without seeing. It is one of those places that I have seen photographed so many times that I wished to see it in person. And it did not disappoint. For me the hype around this old naval port was completely justified. Not only is it just beautiful to look at but this once bustling commercial port is now home to some fine dining where many people will go to enjoy a meal or a drink by the canal, especially in the warmer months. A stroll (or in my case a limp) along the canal followed by a meal to soak up those beautiful architectural views is a great way to spend the day in Copenhagen.

On a warm Spring day it is hard to resist a drink by the canal.
A colourful port with a colourful past.

Another stop for me in Copenhagen was at the Tivoli Gardens. Initially when I learned that in the centre of the city there was an amusement park I wasn’t exactly rushing to go and check it out. My experience with amusement parks in the centre of town has been pretty ordinary as the Luna Park in Sydney is nothing to write home about. Maybe I feel that way because I live in Sydney but if any of you have ever visited Luna Park I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I had some spare time one afternoon and seeing as Tivoli was just a short walk away from my hotel I decided to pay a visit. I was pleasantly surprised by Tivoli it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was a lot bigger than what I was anticipating and a lot nicer, especially than Luna Park. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I enjoyed it as much as I did. Being the big kid I am inside I just had a good time walking around the park, playing a few games and eating ice-cream. One thing I did appreciate was the decor of the place. It felt more historic and less like an adrenaline junkie’s modern theme park. One advantage of visiting Tivoli during the quieter times of the day is that there’s a higher chance you’ll win at one of the games. That’s what happened to my boyfriend and I, it was just the two of us playing so it is literally a win-win. Tivoli also had some pretty affordable meal options which I wish I had known about before eating my overpriced burger before entering. There is also a number of pleasant open spaces and I can now see the appeal of having an amusement park in the city when it is done right like Tivoli and not like Luna Park.

Entrance to Tivoli.
Restaurant on a ship in Tivoli.

My stay in Copenhagen was quite short and cut even shorter by the fact I had to nurse an injury. What I did see of Copenhagen I loved immensely and thanks to my injury and Sankt Peders Bakery I am determined to return to see it properly next time. Those cinnamon scrolls really left an impression on me. What have you loved most about Copenhagen and is there anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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