Two Weeks Before You Leave

There is something magical about the two weeks before you leave for a trip. After months of waiting in anticipation there’s now only 14 days (10 working days if you really can’t wait to get away) and your adventure feels like it has finally arrived. I know that I feel a mix of emotions around this point, the first one being uncontainable excitement. For the past several years while I’ve been studying at university and working part time, big holidays are often once a year and take a lot of saving. So for me I just can’t wait to get back on the road after a year of work and study.

In the final two weeks before I leave is when I start creating lists of what to pack and try to mentally mix and match the clothing I’ll take so I’ll look presentable in my travel photos while saving space in my luggage. This involves a lot of ‘what if’  and ‘do I really need’ scenarios. What if it’s unseasonably cold and I don’t have a jacket? What if I need to pack a pair of high heels for the evening if we’re going somewhere nice, even though I never wear heels when I’m at home? What if my bag isn’t big enough?  Do I really need to take all these toiletries? Do I really need to take that extra pair of shoes? Do I really need that massive bag? What if I over pack it?

Given my financial situation as a student, I am often saving for my travels right up until I leave. It is around this two week period where I also start to stress about money. Again, I start to make notes to remind me to keep some money aside for phone bills and insurance payments. I’m also trying to calculate the least amount of money I can live on up until I go so that I have the most amount of money to spend while travelling.

The two weeks before you leave will also be the time for something unlucky to happen to you. You could be the picture of health for a solid year but it is during the two weeks before you leave that you will get sick. Your travel plans could have been set in stone and unchanged since you booked them months ago but it is during the two weeks before you leave where one of your flight’s changes and you need to re-plan a section of your trip. You could be working regular shifts at your job and be on track to reach your budget but it is during the two weeks before you leave that your shifts get cut back. All of these things have happened to me and all of them have been just weeks before I set out to leave, ultimately making things a little difficult.

Despite some of these stresses the 14 days before you jet off are normally pretty exciting times and all of your concerns won’t matter once you step on-board that plane.



What are some of the things you tend to think about in the weeks before you leave?


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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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