Interview with Sian Maggs: Skincareblogger

Good skin care is the pillar to any beauty regime. Whether you’re the type of person that loves to spend a lot of time on it or if you’re more fuss-free like me, I’m sure we can all agree that having clear skin makes us feel more confident and is something we all strive to achieve. I find that this is especially important when you travel as ideally, you’d like to be spending less time in the hotel bathroom trying to conceal a zit, and more time outdoors getting snap happy in your destination. To share with us her tips of the trade is Sian Maggs who is the beauty and brains behind the Skincareblogger. Skincareblogger’s rise to popularity has been phenomenal as her Instagram following continues to rise with every post she makes. She has been in the business for a little under a year and is definitely a blogger you will want to follow. Throughout her quest for perfect skin, Skincareblogger gives honest and trustworthy advice on what works for her as well as offering up her vast knowledge to help her followers reach their skin care goals. Given that she has the expertise I thought I’d ask her to share her advice on travel beauty and keeping camera ready.


1. Where has been your favourite place to travel?

My favourite place to travel internationally would have to be Thailand. The culture and the scenery is spectacular and even though that trip was over 10 years ago, I still remember it very fondly. I also had a lot of firsts there, i.e went through the jungle, rode on an elephant’s back and fed him a banana, caught a hand-made raft down the river . They’re all things that can’t be done on a regular basis in Australia. The experiences I had there are ones i’ll remember forever.


2. What are your skin care essentials you take when you travel?

My skin essentials are quite large but if I was going to be backpacking through Europe, I’d ofcourse have to minimise the amount of skin care I’d like to take. So the top items I’d suggest would be a cleanser, a SPF (always) and a serum (which are more effective that moisturisers). But if I was traveling with a suitcase I’d surely pack everything i.e. cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturiser, exfoliator, and if it was a long period of time I would take a face mask too.


3. What do you do to be camera ready on holidays?

I always make sure that I cleanse throughly to remove all the excess oils from my skin, and I always keep my skin hydrated so I have a youthful, awaken, and revitalised appearance.


4. What are your skin car Do’s and Don’ts?

Don’t overuse products with alcohol.
Don’t pick at your pimples.
Don’t forget to wash your face before you sleep.
Don’t over exfoliate.
Do use an oil based cleanser – oil cleaners will not give you pimples.
Do moisturise your neck down to your chest.
Do drink plenty of water.
Do use SPF daily.


5. Do you have a secret weapon product you use to achieve radiant skin?

At the moment my go to product for radiant skin would have to be Cosmedix Purity Cleansing Oil and Cosmedix Intense Hydrating Mask and Balm. They’re both oil based so they leave a lasting glow to my skin.


6. If you were only allowed one 100ml bottle through airport security, what would you fill it with and why?

I would probably take a cleanser with me. I always feel refreshed and clean after using it everyday, especially if you’re traveling somewhere humid.


7. What is your favourite part about being a skin care blogger?

My favourite part, would be meeting new people with the same outcome as me, so we trade tips and ideas to help boost one another’s profile in the blogging industry. Also I’ve been lucky enough to meet really lovely and genuine people at PR events and I would now call them my friends too.


8. Finally, could you tell us about a small trip that left a big impression on you?

I would have to say Bangkok, Thailand. The place is really remarkable and you get to see people living with close to nothing and not worried about money, as long as they have their family with them they are happy. It makes me appreciate the smaller things in life, like having my family with me and that we are all healthy.
If you would like to follow Skincareblogger for more skin and beauty advice you can find her on Instagram @skincareblogger .

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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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