The 10 Stages of Booking a Spontaneous Trip

So I’ve just booked a trip to New Zealand again. Just randomly, out of the blue and just for the sake of it. The decision to go was made easy as Air New Zealand had a flash sale on flights. I alerted my boyfriend to the sale and at first we mostly reminisced about our previous trip and how great that was. Then it escalated into planning to visit a second time around. It’s not my first time I’ve planned a spontaneous trip somewhere but I was realising that there is a definite pattern when it comes to organising something like this. So here are the 10 stages you  go through when you book a spontaneous trip.

1. You notice a deal. Whether it’s a discount on flights or accommodation to a place you want to visit, it catches your attention.

2. You’re 100% convinced and committed to go. You may have looked into it hypothetically at first but now you become committed to going. You see your chance to seize that deal because now you can finally afford to go.

3. You search for any other deals with your accommodation and transport. You search the internet far and wide for another great deal on accommodation to help justify you going on this spontaneous trip.

4. You begin to book. You click through to book and enter all of your details, pausing at the payment button.

5. Doubt starts to kick in. You’re about to commit to pay but you stop yourself and have to think ‘Wait am I rushing into this?’ or ‘Should I really be taking a holiday right now?’ or ‘Should I think about this some more?’.

6. You start to question if you need to go on this holiday. There are a few reasons why you stop to question yourself. It could be that you’re just getting on top of your finances you went on a holiday not too long ago. Should you really be spending all this money on a whim? Should you really be spending money at all?

7. You start to question your whole life. Your questioning escalates and you begin to question life in general. What if you don’t go? Will you regret it? Will you regret not being fun and spontaneous enough in your 20s? Are you actually enjoying life? It can get pretty deep.

8. You reassure yourself you’re making the right decision. Once you’ve snapped out of your mini existential crisis you reassure yourself that it’s just a small holiday and you have you’re whole life to work and earn money. Afterall, the deals are amazing, you’ve always wanted to visit that place, you’re entitled to a break, and its only for a few days.

9. You say ‘screw it’ and book. Congratulations you have talked yourself around and now you are back to being 100% committed to booking that flight!

10. You go on your trip and have the time of your life. And I daresay you would be pretty happy that you went out and did something spontaneous and just went for it. Life is for the living is it not?


Have you ever gone anywhere as a last-minute decision? I would love to hear from you please comment below!


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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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