My Favourite Pub in Sydney

My favourite bar in Sydney is located in my favourite place in Sydney, The Rocks.The Rocks are a wonderful place to visit it is rich in Australian colonial history and its distinct sandstone heritage buildings are a stark contrast to the modern highrises that dominate the city. In fact its just about the only area of Sydney that shows our cultural heritage. When compared to the way history is displayed throught Europe, The Rocks really are such a small area. But nonetheless it is special to me.


The Australian Hotel is my all time favourite pub to visit in Sydney and this month marks it’s 100th anniversary! I just love to sit out on the street on their red and beige whicker chairs with a Dirty Granny’s cider and a Coat of Arms pizza (yes that is a pizza with Emu and Kangaroo on it). But thats not the only thing I love about it. I love the walk to the bar through the old streets in The Rocks, I love how the pub still retains that old charm with so much history within its walls, I love that it is a place I take foreign friends visiting Sydney to share with them some unique Australian beer flavours, and I love that they love it!


They Australian Hotel in my opinion is something worth visiting. If you’re game why not try out national animals on a pizza or some of the local brew. You won’t be disappointed πŸ˜€


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