Make The Best Of A Bad Situation And Travel

This week I found out some unpleasing news. I was all set to complete my final year of university by the end of next year and feeling very excited to finally have my business degree. Only, due to some major timetable clashes I won’t be able to finish my studies until 2016. I was pretty devastated I would have to wait an extra 6 months to graduate. But I believe in being positive and finding a way to make this work for me!


I decided to defer the first half of 2015. I’ve been at uni for 3 years now and have recently gone part-time so I can work and enjoy a lifestyle where I can travel as much as I can. I felt a bit down about my delayed graduation so I thought its time for a break and I actually have a few options:

1. I want to learn another language. Like properly. Knowing how to say ‘I love you’ in different languages (while I think its cool) is not going to get me anywhere.

2. I don’t think I’m content on waiting until I have my degree before I start pursuing my career interests I want to start now. If I could get my foot in the door in the tourism industry then its a start!

3. I can also travel of course! I don’t have to worry about planning around dates when assessments are due, I can go whenever I want. Since finding out on Wednesday that I have been approved to defer the next semester I have already been mentally planning some short trips.


I’m actually glad of the break and it won’t delay me any further as I’ll go back to uni in August with 3 subjects then early 2016 I’ll do my last semester with 2 subjects. After my exams in November I’ll have 9 months to get out there and see some more of this beautiful world (in between working because money isn’t grown on trees). But I’m going to be positive and by the end I’m sure I would have been glad things had turned out this way.



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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

One thought on “Make The Best Of A Bad Situation And Travel

  1. I think you are pretty amazing and I am so proud that my first born child has grown into a remarkable confident, well rounded Human being. Love ya lots, Dad


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