The 6 Advantages of Keeping a Travel Journal

A camera is the one thing we don’t forget to take with us when we travel because how else are we supposed to capture the fun and adventure of our holiday? What about the written word? I say that as well as your camera packing a journal to write in is one of the best things you can do to help preserve those precious memories. Here’s my top 6 reasons for keeping a travel diary:


1. The Tiny Details

One of the best things about journalising your travels is reading over them some time after your home and remembering a tiny detail of your trip that you had written but had forgotten when you got home. I remember visitng Franz Josef in New Zealand and having a great time but I had completley forgotten about the amazing little cafe where I sat and ate a giant slice of carrot cake until I re-read my journal.

2. To Write Your Way to A Better Memory

Studies conducted on students to whether physically writing notes or typing notes on a computer can be better for helping retain information suggest that writing is the better practice. When you write you take longer as you are thinking about what you write as you shape the letters rather than just bash them out on a keyboard. So by writing in your journal you are helping to remember what you are writing (in theory, I’m not an expert but you get the idea).

3. The Reminiscence Factor

Sometimes its nice to see read over what you did on your holiday, even if you remember it perfectly. Reliving a special experience is always fun to do.




4. A Helpful Tool if you Re-visit

So you absolutely loved the place you visited and you want to go back? What was the name of that really good restaurant you went to? What about the one that looked really nice but had terrible food so you can avoid it next time? Why just look it up in the travel journal you took with you last time!

5. The Jealousy Factor

Photos are a great way to make people at home jealous. What? Don’t act like you’ve never tried to do that! But whats better than just a picture is being able to recount in detail an epic tale of your adventures. You’ll have a reference if you keep a travel journal so you don’t get your story mixed up with somewhere else you went.

6. Improve Your Handwriting

The more you write the more (in theory) you should get better at it. And who doesn’t want to have nice handwriting?


There is nothing quite like a stunning photograph to remind you of your travels. My instagram is full of travel photos afterall! But keeping a travel journal helps me to remember with detail the story behind the pictures and appreciate my experience so much more.


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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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