See The World On Your Own Terms

You don’t need months or years off to travel.

You don’t need to spend a fortune.

You can have deep and lasting connections with the places you go regardless of time spent travelling.

The average Australian worker has only 4 weeks annual leave permitted per year. Now, if you are a bit of a travel nut with a serious case of wanderlust this can prove difficult for you. Don’t worry I know exactly how you feel. In fact I classify as the average Australian worker with limited leave (with the exception of some extended trips). So the question is can you do it? CanΒ you jet around the world with the short time that you have and be able to afford it? Can you even enjoy yourself properly on a short trip?


My name is Jenni and if there is one thing you should know about me it is that travel is my passion! I want to share short break inspirations for the traveller under time constraints, budget tips, and stories about my deep and lasting connections with destinations that fuels my passion and keeps me dreaming my next escape. I always joke that travelling is my real job and I just work and study in between adventures and who is to say thats not true!

I don’t know if it is Australia’s geographic isolation that makes me yearn to see the world, or the fact that I have had a love of travelling to new and exciting places from a young age with my family on camping trips. The fact is I love to learn, to explore, to share and to love, and for me travelling is the best way to experience all that and more!

So follow me on my blog as I recount my tales of my travels and plan for new ones both at home in Australia and overseas!




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I love to travel as often as I can and I'm always in the pursuit of a new adventure. I hope to inspire through my passion and show you how small trips can leave big impressions.

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